A new version of RONN to predict protein disorder (June 2007).

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If you would like to run RONN on a multiple alignment, click here for Bernd Brandt's web tool.

RONN is freely available to academic institutions as a local version. Please email ronn@strubi.ox.ac.uk


Yang,Z.R., Thomson,R., McMeil,P. and Esnouf,R.M. (2005) RONN: the bio-basis function neural network technique applied to the dectection of natively disordered regions in proteins Bioinformatics 21: 3369-3376
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Thomson,R. and Esnouf,R.M. (2004) Prediction of natively disordered regions in proteins using a bio-basis function neural network. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 3177/2004, 108-116

RONN is based on a modified version of a novel type of neural network called a Bio-Basis Function Neural Network (BBFNN). The original version of this network is described in:
Thomson,R., Hodgman,C.T., Yang,Z.R. and Austin,K.D. (2003) Characterising proteolytic cleavage site activity using bio-basis function neural networks. Bioinformatics, 19, 1741-1747