Welcome to xtalPIMS

xtalPIMS is part of the Protein Information Management System (PIMS) which covers crystallization, i.e. creation of crystallization trials, monitoring of experiments through imaging systems, harvesting of crystals and managing data collection information (using developments from the e-HTPX Project).

In order to use this facility, please login using the link in the menu, register with us or use this front page to find out more about the project and its development. The menu bar at the top of the page can be used to navigate around the site.

Here are some useful background links for the project:

This version of xtalPIMS is for demonstration purposes and allows you to see the tools that will be available to you in your own lab.

There are different elements to xtalPIMS:

  • Web based GUI - This will allow you to access, create, monitor and manage your crystallization experiments through an internet browser, such as Firefox or Internet Explorer
  • Offline GUI - This will allow you perform the same or similar functions to the web browser through a desktop application. It includes the ability to be able to download data to your local machine for offline processing and later synchronisation with the online data store
  • Imager Integration - We want to make as many processes as easy as possible, hence we are developing ways to integrate to a variety of imaging systems. These will become available over time, but in the first batch, the following systems will be supported:
    • Veeco Systems
    • Formulatrix Systems
    • ThermoFisher
    • Bruker Crystal Farm
  • Integration with PIMS - xtalPIMS is a module of PIMS and as such relies on an installation of this for this such as sample management, etc.

The release schedule is tentative at present, but we are aiming to have several more of these demonstration versions over the coming months and then will aim to have a downloadble version to install at your own site in April 2008, with a second version, including more imaging systems in June 2008.

xtalPIMS - Demonstration Version

The aim of this Demonstration Version is to allow people to see what is happening with the development and make suggestions and comments that might influence how it is developed further.

xtalPIMS is being developed between three laboratories - The OPPF, The NKI and EMBL Grenoble. Each site has markedly different approaches to working with crystallization and different demands on an interface such as this. Our aim is to make it work for as many groups and departments as possible, so your feedback is important to us!

If you have set up crystallization trials at the OPPF, you will be able to view your results through this interface. If you have not, please feel free to use the demo account to look around. The demo account has a number of older plates assigned to it for you to have a look at.

Username: vaultdemo
Password: vault